What can be said about a penny? What can be done with a penny? A great deal, in fact. It's a very fun and powerful introductory activity.

Hand out "magic" pennies to students, creating a far-fetched story about how you found them. (A treasure box comes handy here). Ask students to examine them. Supply magnifying devices. Students work in groups to find out as much about their pennies as they can, creating a list to share later. After gathering to pool information, students are asked to ask some questions about their penny.

Another activity: Pretend. Where has the penny been? How has it been used? Create an imaginary story of its journey.

Still another activity: Suppose that 2000 years from now an archaeologist who knew nothing of our society and government was poking around the ruins of a United States city. After all his digging he was only able to find a penny. Based on studying the penny what would he know about our government and us?

Yet another: Offer deal to students. You will pay each student a million dollars if they are willing to give trainer a penny the first day and then doubling the amount for each day for a thirty day period? Any takers?

Debrief. Does this make sense or cents? What do you think?


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