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Klondike News
Gold Rush

On , students at the School will be participating in the Annual Klondike Adventure. The goal of this contest is to collect the most gold nuggets in the shortest amount of time.

The characters in this experience will be dogs, drivers, majors, mounties, and the Asseyor. Kids, teachers, parents, and volunteers will play the various roles. This will be an incredibly exciting and memorable day. DON'T MISS IT!


Teams of students will compete for gold and honor. One of these students is designated to be the "driver" and the remainder are the "dogs". They receive a map just before the competition. They need plastic sleds (snowboats) with attached ropes, bags to hold gold, boots, and warm clothing.

The Process

The driver of each team is pulled by his "dogs" to towns designated on the map according to number sequence. They go to number (1) first, then (2), etc., until all 10 towns have been covered. At each town, the mayor will give a written question to be answered by the team. If the team answers correctly, they receive a gold nugget. After having covered all "towns" the team hurries back to the asseyor's office for their gold to be counted and for a time to be registered. When a tie in gold occurs, time takes


1. One nugget will be given by the mayor for a correct answer.

2. All sleds must go to the towns in the order given on the map.

3. No mayor will accept a sled that has not been to the previous town.

4. Before leaving a town, the mayor must mark the map.

5. All sleds must cross the river