There are a number of bookmarking sites out there that can be very helpful to classroom teachers. One of the more popular in Maine is Portaportal. Care to share your portaportal page or someone else's portaportal page with us?

Can you add to our list of bookmarking collections?


I Keep Bookmarks


Zack Thompson's Science/Social Studies Zackboy
Pam Buffington's Math MaineMath Maranacook's Literacy
Olga LaPlante's Portaportal
Martha Thibodeau's Portaportal
Becky Rank's Portaportal Elm Street School's Portaportal
Barbara Greenstone's Portaportal
Michael Richard's Portaportal
Amanda Leavitt's Portaportal
Kern Kelley's TechCurve Portaportal
Deborah White's Portaportal
Tom Light's Bucks Portaportal
Robert Ponton's Blog & Podcast Portaportal