The following links are meant to help early elementary teachers to find materials to use with children who are just beginning to learn about fractions.

Interactive Fractions
Allows students to make and work with their own fractions

Crossing the River
A simple but fun game that gives kids practice in identifying what a fraction means

Fraction Match Hidden Picture
Lets children match fractions to their picture models and find the picture hidden underneath when they clear the screen by making all of the matches.

Who Wants A Pizza?
Explains what the various numbers in a fraction mean, and then allows children to actively make the fractions listed.

Fraction Tutorial
Shows kids what fractions mean, and allows them to find matching fractions to numbers in a whole. How many objects in this line matches this fraction.

AAA Math
A place to find dozens of resources on fractions--including games, demos, and activities

Math5 Alive
A great site that shows cartoons explaining fractions and many other 4th grade math concepts.