007 Promoting Literacy with Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels - Barbara Greenstone

  • Liveblog from this workshop at Cooked on Education blog.

  • The Noteshare notebook used in this session: (The file exceeds the upload limit set by wikispaces. Ideas? Mark) (Hmmmm. . .wonder if I can buy an upgrade that allows a larger limit and more server space, Mark . . . have to check it out - Jim) (Thanks, Barbara, for adding the link to the ACTEM Noteshare server).

    • The NoteShare notebook is now available for download from the ACTEM server. You can find it in the Barbara Greenstone Collection or
    • View it in your browser.
* Additional Comic Resources at LIM

  • A "Thank You" to Mark Spahr for documenting this session so well! Anxious to see the Noteshare notebook that was used ~ jim